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How and where ?

There are millions of ways to celebrate this important day in your life. Even after 24 years each couple is a new challenge and that is welcome. Very carefully the wedding schedules will be developed and the proposals presented, these are the pillars of each planning process.

We are the specialists in weddings and can create new ideas out of so many already realized plannings. But also it is necessary to listen to the very individual inputs of the brides, so that their individual event is being followed.

Of course, in guideline with a set budget, luxury weddings with each little detail in gold maybe nice, but often this is not the reality. Let us know your approximate budget, so that we can gibe advice what will be possible to be realized within these boundaries.

Just in 2 ?
If you want to get married very easily with just your partner, this can be planned fast and effective.

Big wedding ?
You want to take all your friends and family to Italy ? So you are between 10 and 200 guests ? Welcome ! We can help you with all the complex plannings or just in some parts, let us know what suits you best.

Again, the biggest issue is that we love our job and do enjoy a long and exciting process, together with you. So for the wedding day itself you can relax and, behind the scenes, we do have all the strings in our hands.

Look into all the pages and find inspiration, have fun and ask for help.

Feel free to contact us for a noncommittal offer.
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