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Cape Town News 2024

Crazy cars for a bit of fun on your wedding day  |  05/2023
Of course you will not be bored on your wedding. Already Cape Town and its surroundings have lots to offer. Let me now tell you about some fun cars for bringing the bride to the altar :

  • Riding on a Harley Davidson
  • More safe in a sidecar
  • Chic and easy in a stylish Cobra
  • Italian feeling on a Vespa
  • Why not all having a big party in the partybus ?

Funny greetings from planning weddings by Creative Wedding, Britta
Ocean House – a dream place for your wedding  |  03/2023

Standing barefeet in the sand and saying yes, how many times I have been asked for that. And now here it is, the perfect location. Directly on the beach, full of romanticism. Outside of Cape Town in a tranquil area, but the city remains in reach.

The Ocean House offers 6 rooms for accommodation. Painted in white colour with some blue accents, the house is full of light and looks airy. Just as you would expect it from a house on the beach.

The legal ceremony is taking place at the edge of the water. Then you walk a little away for wonderful photos, of course barefooted. The following wedding dinner will be served on the veranda with views to the ocean.

Just ask me for actual costs and availabilities.

Loving to hear from you, Britta, Creative Wedding
Getting married on Robben Island |  01/2023
Robben Island has quite a history to show, but now it is going into joyfulness and happiness. Because it is possible to get married in a lovely white church there.
Once the island has been a nature reservation, then a lepra-colonie. Also south African military nested there and until 1992 it was quite a wellknown prison. On the same time it was all the time also belonging to a bunch of normal people living there in the little cute village. It had a school, houses and of course a church.

Around 1840 the Garrison church was built and is now open for catholic church cerimonies. We help you organize all details from boats transfer, flowers and decoration, sparkling wine to toast with. And of course the necessary walk into the freedom.

Island greetings from Britta, Creative Wedding
Flowers and decoration |  12/2022

I just met a wonderful duo of flower ladies. Sylvia and Elfi from Yes Flowers. They are living in Cape Town since 30 years and started their business in 2016.

With the target not only to arrange wonderful decoration for events, but much more to be able to deliver the best quality of flowers. That means to import flowers of absolute high quality, before you can start to work with them in a modern and chic style. I am keen starting to work with them for my weddings in the Cape Town area.

Lovingly greetings from Britta, Creative Wedding
Perfect Bo Kaap Guides  |  07/2022

When coming to Cape Town most people are not only planning their wedding in this wonderful city. But they also want to know a little bit about the heritage and the history of this important place.

Me personally I had the opportunity to meet Bilqee and Rafik and followed their guideed tour in the Bo Kaap followed by a typical lunch with the famous malayan Koeksisters as desert.

Read here what the 2 tell us about themselves and why they love their job:

Hello. We are Bilqees Baker and Rafiq Jacobs from a company called Bo-Kaap Roots and are Tourist Guides who live in the oldest suburb in South Africa called Bo-Kaap. With more than 25 years of tour guiding experience between us, we specialise in authentic Walking Tours of the area. We are also community workers and activists.

Our neighbourhood Bo-Kaap is nestled at the foot of Signal Hill in Cape Town, on the edge of the city. Although a tourist haven for taking pictures of quaint and colourful homes, and cobbled streets, our area is a must-have experience for history enthusiasts and students. Bo-Kaap is steeped in the history of Slavery, having had enslaved people, artisans and political exiles brought here from Africa, India and South East Asia amongst other places during Dutch and British colonialism. It also has the oldest mosque in South Africa.

Bo-Kaap Roots has various tours, including storytelling, Cape-Malay meals, cooking classes, and traditional ghoema songs. Our work in the community supports at least 15 other residents from these tours.

Those interested in history, culture and politics will find our tours interesting, experiencing a living heritage in an area. This together with other post-apartheid challenges makes for interesting topics of discussion.

Please click on the link to see our promotional video

We look forward to showing you around our neighbourhood. Thank you
New location Winery Road Forest  |  05/2022

Again on the road for you. We just visited a lovely location in the southern part of Sellenbosch, this is the wellknown wine region quite near to the city of Cape Town. Since the 17th century farmers hassled to get a nice wine growing in this region, not all grapes were happy with the sandy bottom of this region. But today you find really spectacular wines here, wellknown all over the world.

And just here we have been invited to a special location that offers a private romantic forest. Several places give the perfect frame for a wedding cerimony. This can be followed by pre-drinks at the lake. Then a 3-course-seated dinner at the main house and some dancing in the lovely blossoming courtyard. Really cute and perfect for your wedding. Accomodation is right next door.

Just ask for more details and costs, happy to hear from you, Britta, Creative Wedding
Make-Up-Artist ready for the bride  |  03/2022

Mo Gazzilli, just perfect as styling and Make-Up-artist. She works since 21 years for tv, film and fashion shootings. She knows what she is doing and gets the best out of every face. On top of that is Monique always smiling, laughing, showing good humor. Stress is not something that throws her out of her path. So I am just happy to have her onboard in our team, ready to make lots of brides looking stylishly perfect for their big day.

Be sure to check out her vimeo page (external link, opens in new window)

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
Romantic-rustic location with ocean view  |  02/2022

Very proud to announce that the owner of this little and romantic location ask me to be their wedding planner.

The location is located directly on the ocean, just 4 minutes outside of Simonstown and almost at the beginning of the beautiful CapePoint Park. For accomodation we have the main house with 5 beds and the cottage next to it with 2 beds. Fort he ceremony we offer our little garden with oceanview and up to 25 people can be hosted for the wedding dinner.

There is no luxury to aspect, but cosiness, wilderness, romantic feelings and just be comfortable as in your own home. Most fascinating is the oceanview – also when lying in bed!

Sunny greetings from CapeTown, Britta, Creative Wedding
Outsourcing company at our side  |  01/2022

A bit different from what we know in Europe, here in South Africa you need to rent all furniture and dishes and decoration. The locations just give their spaces. That comes to an advantage as you can decide your personal styling into each little bit.

So companies as Urban Tonic are important and I had a fantastic meeting with the coordination director last week. It is not only about renting out furniture, but you also can rent a whole bar with bartenders and all is in their hand. So staffing and also management coordination between event manager and location manager are taken care of. Every detail is in good and experted hands and the event goes smoothly as you wish it to be. I am very happy about this new team working.

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
Very emotional marriage officer in out team  |  12/2021

In Cape Town wedding preparations are proceeding.

I had a very interesting and happy meeting with our marriage officer Pat Boucher. He is active and very deep into emotions that are important for a wedding. He underlines to meet the couple in person or if far away at least in Zoom calls. Only this allows him to understand the fully meaning of a wedding for this special couple and leads him to work on a very emotional and deepening wedding ceremony. Patrick is very open and is always laughing and spreading out his good humour. So weddings with him are inspiring and refreshing.

Be honoured to get married by him.

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
Lovely photographer in our team  |  11/2021

Actually I am back in a very relaxed Cape Town. And of course intensly checking new contacts for my south african wedding team.

Already we have a marriage officer and some nice locations. Now we also have a nice and very talented photographer on board. She is italian, but lives and works in Cape Town. She is a passionate photographer and captures people in a hearty and very relaxed way. Perfect for my brides to come. How did I met her ?

By coincidence when last time I flew home to Milan and talked to her mother who also was flying back to Italy. When we spoke about my job, most clear that I wanted to know her daughter. And here we are, welcoming Alice into our south african wedding team !

Sunny greetings from Cape Town, Britta, Creative Wedding
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