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Archive of former news

Lights, Lamps and more to get noticed

Currently quite often we are beeing asked to think about a light concept for the weddings. Not just candles and flowers on the table, that is still the base. But very trendy are now the fairylights, just easy bulbs on a rope. Then that has been further developed into a light curtain which makes a fantastic atmosphere. The top is the sky of stars created by little LED lamps over the heads of the guests.

Also on the dining table there are some news. Of course nothing goes without candles and flowers, they create every base of romanticism. Then it is possible to add some lamps like Pendula or Kristall from Kartell. These create more light during dinner, so the eye can also enjoy what the mouth is tasting from the plate. Absolutely new ist the lamp Abajour, 100% elegance and freshly designed by Matteo Camola Light Designer.

Finally we have the moment to cut the wedding cake. Of course a firework is special, but also quite an investment. Maybe just the letters Love in the background are already wonderful. Or Sparkles which are far away from beeing dangerous as they work with cold flames. So no licences are necessary. Maybe you want to adopt the Abajour styling also for the cake, so see that this is possible now.

Here are just mentioned a few from numerous possibilities, just ask, we are always happy to help with ideas and new projects. Sincerely, Britta, Creative Wedding
Le Gemme in Albisano, cooking and relax

Our fantastic cooking school in Albisano does not only offer nice cooking lessons with pur superchef Andrea, but you also can relax in their cosy suite in the same house.

Sleep as long as you want, wake up with birds chirping, sometimes also church bells are ringing, Then enjoy a wonderful and rich breakfast prepared by Andrea and just look what the day will offer you.

  • Maybe just relax under the calming olive trees and looking down tot he lake in ist fantastic whole shape
  • Or start a cooking lesson with Andrea to discover who simple lots of the tasty italian dishes are to prepare. Of course your lunch will be offered. Maybe together with a good class of local wine ?
  • Or enjoy the drive to 2 small hidden wine cellars and let you explain their wine making secrets. Of coursse you will also try them out.
  • Or take an intense course in cooking with Andrea and you prepare your own lunch and dinner as an almost professional cook.
  • These activities are also possible over some more days in which you also can have a boat ride to the private owned island Isola del Garda or a visit to the aprivate aristocratic Villa Bettoni
  • Lots of choices for a spectacular entertainment to spoil yourself !
Open Air – a new trend

2020 hasn't been and also 2021 still is not easy to plan for consistent weddings. Last year some of the events had to be postponed. This year also started not too good. Now we are ready to go for June, July and the rest of the summer season. But what will be the vision for 2022 ?

Out of this new situation, that came for all of us, occurred a new trend : Tiny weddings.

This means to focus on people you really want to have near you on your big day. It allows you to be so close to these chosen friends and your contact is very intense. You also enjoy a certain flexibility with a small group. Last but not least you save a lot of your wedding budget.

So lots of advantages to find in this new trend, from my point of you, the biggest advantage is the intensity of being so close to some of your most loved persons.

So, start planning, we are here for you with tips and tricks !

Britta, Creative Wedding
Open Air – legal binding wedding ceremony

Just a few towns can offer open-air-weddings. It is only possible when the mayor gives out a special delega (meaning wedding licence). And not everyone is willing to do so.

Here I do present the cosy private restaurant Le Gemme di Artemisia, situated above Torri del Benaco at Lake Garda. They have got the special licence for official weddings. So you can get married unter lucky olive trees.

A wonderfull view over Lake Garda, a special location and having the big advantage to offer an aperitif after the ceremony. If you want you can also remain for a seated dinner, heavenly cooked by a private chef.

Just ask us for more details, Lara and Britta, Creative Wedding
New horizons South Africa

At the moment there is not so much good news in Europe, the same situation as last year when we have been stopped with our wedding plannings. Lots of energie and organization has been put into each single wedding and we press fingers together with our brides and grooms for better times. We all want to have lovely weddings to be enjoyed without fear about restrictions.

This is the actual background to loook for new horizons. We are working on a new destination: South Africa. Especially in and around Cape Town on the southern tip of the country. Beaches, winefarms just a few chilometers from the city bowl and a wellknown wine region around Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek. This is where some of the world most reknown wines are produced. A romantic landscape and almost always priced with good weather. There is also the Table Mountain with beautiful views onto the blue ocean and into green surrounding forests. Do not forget the lovely and open minded people who welcome you in their country.

We are researching new possibilities, new targets are put out. Much joy and engagement is around. Motivated and enthusiastic we step forward to make contacts in CapeTown. I have been there often since 1996, now it is time to realize my long horded dream.

The northern part of Italy remains active with Creative Wedding. With my lovely partner Lara we remain on taking care of Lake Garda, Verona, Venice and also the Franciacorta with its champagne producing hills. We have been working on quite a lot of new locations, some of them are even hidden places, not known to everybody.
Small weddings will continue all over Italy. In 21 years of eventplanning I have build up a good network of interpreters and solutions to be helpful on our side.

Remain in contact with us to check out all the upcoming news, we are happy to help you with all your questions concerning weddings.

Big hugs for today, yours sincerely, Britta, Creative Wedding
Lara Perrotti: a new member in our team

I know Lara from lots of weddings that we organized together at her location in Torri del Benaco. Now I am happy to have her in out team to organize weddings around Lake Garda.
For over 20 years Lara has been dealing with catering and hospitality. This means also experiences in international restaurant business as Japan and London. As well since 2008 she is a official sommelier. Besides this she loves to decorate and arrange flowers, so she also can show a certificate of Mastrofiorista.

Now she is ready to put all her energy in helping Creative Wedding to organize the most important day for a couple. I give her a much warm welcome in our team !

Our best wishes to everyone,
Lara and Britta
The story of the wedding cake

Every couple looks out to have a good-looking wedding cake. Who is aware that this has been invented in the UK ? Around the 18th century the cakes could not be fancy enough, just for the thrill of colors and crazy decorations. One day a bakery, specialists in wedding cakes, just came up with the idea of putting one cake on top of the other. That was the start of the numerous tiered wedding cakes.

It seems that the first 3-tier-wedding-cake has been presented on the wedding of one of the daughters of Queen Victoria 1859. But this was just a cake made of meringue and lots of rich decorations.

Do you know that the most important task is, that the wedding cake does not fall down when cutting ? Only as stand-up it brings a long and happy life together.
Also Italy could claim the invention of the wedding cake. They had flat and simple cakes offered in aristocrat weddings as flour and butter were very expensive at that time. Still today Italians prefer simple fruit cakes for their weddings, they are not so keen on tiered or fancy wedding cakes.

Creative Wedding, Britta
A little bit of Gypsy in Varenna on Lake Como |  March 2019

I know, the Boho-Style is trendy already for some years. So as well Miriam asked for this decoration style. She did send me lots of photos of colorful bridal bouquets, with berries, feathers and lots of natural ingredients in them.

The next steps is the briefing for the flower shop, so sometimes arriving with all these photos and infos the italian partners are a bit shocked. This is not the right way for an elegant wedding in Italy, it all hast o be more beautiful and elegant.

Thats when you have to play your role as wedding planner, explain to the italian florist what the german couple has in mind. But this is also very funny and fulfilling to find a way inbetween ways of how it is used to be worked out here in Italy and what are the desires from couples coming from other countries. At the end you can see that for everybody it is fantastic to try new ways and the results are always stunning!

A beautiful location for legal weddings: Varenna on Lake Como

For the wedding of Miriam and Mathias we had choosen a spectacular location for their legal wedding: Varenna on Lake Como where you can get married outside. With views on the lake and surrounded by a small botanical garden.
We had a very excited mayor in Varenna, it was his first wedding ceremony. During the night before he was commited and confirmed to be the new mayor. And so I had him standing next to me, asking millions of questions when to say what. But he held such a cute wedding speech, so everybody was happy and emotionally touched by his kind words to the newly wed couple.
More possibilities for civil weddings  |  December 2018

Again a year has passed by with lots of wonderful wedding moments in 2018.
Today let me talk about new possibilities for legal civil weddings.

Normally in Italy, it is only possible to get legally wed in the townhall or sometimes in places that have been committed to be an official place by the municipality.
Already all over Italy townhalls are romantic and mainly in historic buildings, alone that fact creates a special atmosphere. Very often I am also asked for outdoor cerimonies, nowadays this is possible in a few cities when the major declared those as legal binding places.

  • Piemont is known for good wines and lovely hills. In Barbaresco you can get married on top of the old tower overlooking the hilly landscape full of vineyards
  • On Lake Garda we have Limone that offers civil weddings in the old Lemon tree garden.
  • Quite a medioval ambience you can find when you marry in the castle of Arco in the northern part of Lake Garda
  • Again Lake Garda: Torri del Benaco offers legal possibilities to get wed on the tower of the castle or near the port.
  • You want to be away of tourists along the lakeshore, try San Zeno di Montagna and its old palace called Ca Montagna
  • Siena is one of the highlights in Tuscany, now you also can have the legal cerimony outside on the Loggia
  • And in the small borgo of Lucignano/Tuscany there is a museum to held civil weddings
  • Riolo Terme in the Emilia Romagna has a cute little wedding room inside their old fortress – very pittoresque
Italy offers lots of wonderful possibilities for the legal binding weddings !
Beautiful location Arqua Petrarca  |  December 2017

Petrarca is the name of a well known poet from the middle age. Francesco Petrarca did write the famous poems “Canzoniere”, still today often cited as a major culture highlight.
The poet did take home in 1370 in Arqua Petrarca, one of the most beautiful borghi in Italy. Scenic views as it is bedded in smooth hills of the nature parc Euganei. As well today this little town tells of ancient times and is a perfect background for really romantic weddings.
Pure emotions when photos are ready for delivery  |  October 2017

Just cute, when the photographer not only shoots wonderful romantic photos. But as well here are creativity and emotions packed into the delivery. Giovanna puts the pendrive in a wooden tray, printouts in wooden bigger tray, a booklet with all photos that have been shot. And a frame with best wishes in it. The print outs even have not been in the calculation.
For the wedding planner there was also a small package with honey, just to say thank you for working perfectly together. This creates joy and some tear drops for a bunch full of emotions.
Finally it is possible to get officially married on sandy beaches  |  February 2017

We all waited so long that beaches would be officially declared as legal places for civil weddings.

Some years ago it was Jesolo who offered the possibility to have a legal binding wedding on their beach, this was possible due to a second office as townhall located on the beach. Now it is also possible along the Amalfi coast: Minori offers legal weddings on their beach.

As well as Riccione at the well known Adria coast put down a new decret for having official weddings situated in the sandy beach. So now we can start with feeling sand under bare feet during saying officially yes in front of the mayor.
Legal civil wedding ceremony in villas are now allowed in Verona as well in the Valpolicella wine region  |  August 2016

Lots of couples are asking for the legal civil wedding to be held in a private villa, like it is often the case in the US or in South Africa. Due to the Italian law, the civil weddings are only legal when celebrated in the respective town hall or in the defined building belonging to the municipality.

Now Verona offers the legal wedding in some special places as well private villas. For example the Cappella dei notai in Verona or an aristocratic villa near the old castle of Verona.

2 other small towns in the wine region of Valpolicella, near Verona, did open their rules and it is now possible to get wed in several villas with huge parcs surrounding them for photos.
Of course the prices are a bit higher then getting wed in the normal town hall, the registrar or mayor needs to come out to these places. But compared with some other well known cities in Italy it is still quite fair with Euro 600, 800, 1.000 for thee weekends.

Try it out ! Britta
Not only big cities are beautiful to get married |  May 2016

Quite often I am asked to arrange weddings in Rome. 2009 the city did make an 400% increase of the costs for a civil wedding, ist about Euro 1200-1400 at this time. So I did check other smaller cities nearby.

Tivoli is a little town just outside of Rome. All the emperiors had their huge villas here. And lots if small and ancient streets are wonderful for cute wedding fotos. The townhall itself has lots of affrescoes.

Same for Florence, since 2015 they ask a really huge amount to get wed there. Next to Florence you have Scandicci. The town itself has no charme, but the civil weddings can take place in a open air theatre that i spart of an old castle.

Again Venice, non-european citizens do have to pay the double or the quadruple of the normal fee for a civil wedding. Why not go to Chioggia for a wedding. A cute little but vivid town on the seaside. The italian author Goldoni lived here, so civil weddings can be arranged in his little home, right next to so many channels and waters and bridges as you can see in Venice.
Private wedding ceremony – just another way to say yes  |  March 2016

Often there are several reason why it is not possible to get wed in church or at the town hall:

You are already divorced and the catholic church does not accept a second wedding
You want the civil wedding just to be small and then have a big event with the whole family and all friends
Especially for Britains in 213 it got more complicated to follow all bureaucratic steps for a civil wedding in Italy
Have the civil wedding at noon in Italy and then to follow a romantic ceremony with all your guests in the evening

For all those we have the possibility to create a very romantic private ceremony. And this has lots of advantages:

You can create your own ceremony and do not need to follow certain rules
Saying yes with all the accompanying text can be worked out very individually
You decide how long the ceremony has to be, maybe children or older people do not like to sit still too long
You can involve your guests in readings, singings, kids can have a little play like “Papageno”, include the sand ceremony, include the ring ceremony with special meanings
You choose the place where to held the ceremony, it only needs to be on private grounds

For the ceremony you need a celebrant. He or she can be one of your friends. He can be religious and is able to include bible readings or not, absolutely as you want it.

In any case it is nice to have a meeting with the celebrant upfront, so that you all get to know each other, that creates a special harmony and sympathy that will be recognized as well by all the family members.

Just important to know that this private ceremony will not be recognized nor by the state neither by the church. But because of its individuality it can be very, very romantic and emotional !
Throw rice  |  September 2015

To throw rice on the freshly married couple is used after they got married.

Why ? :
Rice means fertility for them for lots of kids.

Nowadays some places do not allow the rice anymore as it attracts birds and rats to eat the grains of rice. It also leaves stains on the dark jacket of the groom. So better use natural bio-rice.

In Europe in the last centuries rice was quite expensive, so people used peas and millet (remember Cinderella ?).

Instead of rice why not use coriandoli, small paper pieces. There are real canons of them available. Or rose petals that can be in the same color as all other decoration. Quite cute are the wedding bubbles, which can be found in all wedding-adapted shapes. A moment of joy is created by letting fly white doves. Or the classical white balloons.

Or rose petals that can be in the same color as all other decoration. Quite cute are the wedding bubbles, which can be found in all wedding-adapted shapes. Or the classical white balloons.

A moment of joy is created by letting fly white doves.

Other countries:
In Italy they pasta into the bride and groom. This I remember very well when my niece throw pasta at me, quite big pieces, so that almost hurt me.

In Indonesia bride and groom get a garland of paper around their necks.

Or in Hawaii you get the famous necklaces made of fresh flowers.

The Indians from America let fly butterflies. They say that the butterflies do take all unspoken wishes into the sky. Very important is not to speak out loud.

Enjoy planning your wedding, Britta
How to plan best the decoration for your wedding  |  June 2015

Here are some helpful hints, how you may start thinking about the decoration for your wedding.

Wedding dress:
Start of all is the wedding dress. It shows style and color. So if you have a dress in off-white, it would be recommended to go for flowers that match that tone of white. Real white calla lillies for example do fit much better to pure white dresses. For romantic dresses please choose romantic bouquets in round formats, for an elegant and flowing material of your dress is better to select some elegant and long version of a bouquet.

The tonality of white gives the start to all other colors. Once choosen a colorcode for the bouquet, that should be followed up for all other details in the decoration, just to see a concept that runs through the whole day.

If you plan the decoration for the dinner tables have a look on the surrounding. An outdoor-dinner may be much more natural and you need lots of candles to lighten up the place. If you are indoor in a barocque room, be more simple, to get the ambience not overloaden. In a cool or modern ambience try to warm it up by cosy colors and elements.

Flower season:
think of the seasons for the flowers. The so much loved peonies are only available in May and June. It is possible to use flowers out of season, but the prices are high and the quality often is really scarse, so your bouquet will end up looking quite sad. The roses are very traditional and sometimes boring, but they are the most durable flowers and are available all year long. Thats why you find them so often in the decorations.

Give the wedding planner a budget for the decoration, That helps to figure out which details may be inclosed. Is there enough money for bottonwholes, for car decoration, for tables and bridesmaids and flower girls and so on.

Flowers briefing:
this is an overview that will be developped by your wedding planner. And it helps all the way through the planning to decide whether a detail must be replaced or even cancelled or something else maybe added.

I hope this helps to think of first ideas and to come up with some contents for the flowers. It is then us in function of a wedding planner that develops the concept further and helps to realize a stunning look of your wedding day.

Have fun with it, Britta
Get wed on some special places  |  July 2014

Lake Como is quite trendy at the moment. Because of its special situation, laid out between quite high mountains and surrounded by little nice towns. So lake Como often is requested for my weddings, and I am very happy about that.

Quite often the civil weddings take place in the beautiful Villa Carlotta or even more spectacular in the world famous Villa Balbianello. The villa that was host to wellknown films like Star Wars, Ocean's Twelve and James Bond.

Of course not everybody has the budget to pay for the really high fares for these places. So I am always on the move to look out for new romantic places.

Nobody knows about Gravedona at the northern part of the lake. The townhall itself evokes no emotions, but it is possible to have the civil wedding in the library. And this is places in a tiny but pittoresque monastery. Absolutely to recommend and at a very fair price. Have a look on the photos from Constanze and Reiner, both are still emerged in their wow-feelings from their wedding last year in august.

Italian tradition: Confetti |  2013

Italians do prepare a gift fort he guests, just to say thank you fort he wonderful day in which they took part. At the same time the so called „Bombonniere“ is a nice little gift to take home, mostly they are tagged with the date and names of bride and groom. Important are the 5 little almonds covered with white sugarglue, all 5 have a meaning: love, fortune, health, kids and richness. And of course white ist he color of the wedding !

Normally in other countries it is not very common to give gifts to the guests, so why not use these little sachets as nametags fort he seating oft he guests. So sometimes we also prepare little bottles of regional olive oil, or Limocelo from Amalfi or tea or flower seeds. A wonderful idea are also espresso cups.

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