Credits - Creative Wedding - Wedding in Italy

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I have to say thank you for all the supports and works over such long years. We are a good team and the clients anticipate this as a very special and valuable detail of Creative Wedding. And I am proud of that !

Robert Tahedl, my Webmaster
Suzanne Sudermann, consulence for graphic design
Alessandra, Francesca und Sabine for supports on plannings
Elke, Julia und Doriana as loyal translators
Andrea Beretta, Cesare Grandi, Pino Lops, Laura/Studio Goblin, Devid Retrosperti, Simona Cappellini, Mirco Toffolo, Sarah Ferrara and Giovanna Aprili für fantastic fotos
Barbara Botta, Marco Frigerio und Fabio from Nibel Atelier for wonderful flowers and decorations            
Another thank you to all my partners all over Italy: Elisabeth and Antje in Tuscany, Bianca in Sicily, Mena in Amalfi, Ornella in Venice, Silvia in Rome, Francesca B in the Veneto-region und Francesca R in Puglia, Doriana for Milan and the lakes
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